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Tribute is a gift, not just a payment. It is the way how I require you to appreciate my time and skills as a domme.
I conduct real time sessions in public or in a rented playspace. All sessions require at least 50% deposit via PayPal before any meeting. Long term trusted slaves are exempt from this. Tributes will vary dependent on the activity and some sessions incur additional expenses which will be payable to external entities. A general guide they are as follows (click on links):

Dungeon sessions
Public servitude / Social time

Foot worship

Financial domination

Online domination

Long term ownership

Double domination

My prices are not negotiable so do not ask me for a discount.

My sessions are always performed Safe, Sane & Consensual and with a safe word.

Attending a session under an influence of alcohol or drugs will result in immediate termination of the session without any right to claim the full tribute back.

All your limits, dislikes and  additional information e.g. health issues have to be announced in the application form prior to any session. Any unexpected revelations will result in immediate termination of the session without any right to claim the full tribute back.

My working hours are 11:00 - 23:00 for real time (unless overnight session) and 24/7 for online. Sessions must be booked at least 24h in advance. If you suddenly find yourself unable to attend the session, politely approach up to 12 hours before the scheduled start and we will reschedule. Anything later will result in losing of the session deposit and new a booking will be required. Last minute cancellations will most likely result in the lose of the dungeon hire deposit (It is your responsibility to contact the dungeon and make yourself familiar with their cancellation policy).

I do apply Challenge 25 policy for real-time as well as online sessions. If you are younger than 25 or I assume that you look very young, be ready to present your ID or proof of age to me. I usually do not session with people under the age of 21 and strictly not with anyone under 18.

Deposits are non-refundable.

Tell me about your submissive interests and we’ll see what is the most appropriate way to begin your servitude.


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