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      "I had the absolute pleasure of meeting both Mistress Maya and Isla yesterday which turned into the most unforgettable experience of my life. I was totally taken aback by how friendly, warm and considerate they were towards me and were so kind and intuitive to my needs and desires. They gave me such a lovely warm up to progressing, sometimes in turn and both together to produce literal animal style grunts and groans of pleasure that I have never experienced nor thought possible. They left me literally shaking and exhausted just as I wanted to be. They then finished me off with a fabulous flogging together and then made me purr like a kitten using two magic wands. I will most certainly be seeing them again."


      "I had the great pleasure in meeting up with Mistress Maya yesterday and the whole experience was amazing. From first seeing this gorgeous lady with her stunning looks and powerful presence i was in awe. The whole time Mistress was so skilled in how she used me. Clear instructions throughout our session with her dominance to the forefront of all things mixed in with tender words of praise the whole couple of hours raced past. I can honestly say this lady is so amazing and i highly recommend spending time with Mistress Maya. I am already planning my next opportunity to visit and further my training in serving such a gifted Mistress."


    "Enjoyed a sensual experience with Mistress Maya, who was strict yet sincere and upon transforming me into a beautiful gurl, allowed me to express myself in a setting free of judgement and prejudice. A must for any true sub."


           "Wow such an amazing Mistress Maya is, especially when joined by Mistress Isla! They are warm, welcoming, talented, creative, artistic, stern, cruel and dominant, they turned this strong construction guy into an obedient sissy slut with their absolute power!, I now worship them and recommend all you guys do the same, a most incredible experience."


      "My second visit to see Mistress Maya was totally amazing. Her powers of dominance and aura something to behold as I was used for Mistresses pleasure through various tasks never knowing next what would be required of her sissy. I can only say that being abused was exhilarating and fun as I look back what Mistress put me through. Her careful planning and execution of our activities was faultless her superiority shinning through her personality and amazing outfit on the day leaving no doubt of my position to worship Mistress and be obedient at all times. A week on and I still can't stop thinking about Mistress Maya for me a true sign of an exceptional Mistress that has you wishing for more and yearning for the time to fly so slave can be put in their place by Mistress Maya again. Literally can't wait to be in the company of such a stunning beautiful intelligent Mistress."


      "I had the pleasure of another session with Mistress Maya to be used and abused by Mistresses skill and imagination is unrivalled. Being used as Mistresses dog then experiencing my first sensory deprivation was amazing. The different ways Mistress was able to apply through her skilful techniques had me totally captivated and at Mistress Maya's mercy throughout everything I got to experience was done with great planning. Imagination and skill a truly enthralling session. I haven't been able to stop thinking about what an enjoyable couple of hours it was one I shall remember for a very long time and definitely one any subs should take the opportunity to have and enjoy such a stunning and intelligent Mistress."


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