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What should I call you?

You can always guarantee safety with "Mistress", "Goddess", "Madame", "Mistress Maya" or "Goddess Maya".
DO NOT call me "babe", "hun", "mummy/mummy Goddess" or "darling".

When we meet in public you will address me "Miss".

How do I book a session?

You will need to familiarise yourself with my interests, tributes and rules before applying for a session as to not waste each others time. You will then need to fill in the session application form with as much details as possible. Manners mean everything. Do your research - know know what you want and what I do not offer.
There is no need to send countless applications within the space of 10 minutes, I will answer when I have the chance. Any pestering or harassment will result in blacklisting or an additional fine to be paid in order for me to consider the application.
If you feel that you've provided me with a detailed and respectful application and I've not gotten back to you within a reasonable time (over two weeks) then you may politely contact me on social media as emails do get missed on occasion if I'm very busy.

What are your working hours?

All working hours are listed in GMT. I live in London, England so international applicants will need to take consideration when requesting online sessions.

Real time: 11:00 - 21:00 (unless overnight session - tributes for short sessions during unsociable hours may vary. Kindly request more information only if this is the case)

Online: 24/7  (24 hours notice in advance)

I have a fetish or kink but I'm not submissive. Can I still see you?
Yes, I welcome everyone with fetishes that may not identify as a submissive or slave. Being a Dominatrix does not mean that every session I conduct will be harsh and filled with beatings. I do not switch and I'm most certainly not submissive but I can meet you on a more equal basis for fetish play/chat. Please note, fetish play must still be in compliance with my rules and limits. You will be able to specify your identification & interests on the booking form.

Will you do incall? Can you come to my hotel?
I do not allow any person to come to my home. This will be subject to change once I have my own personal play space, until then I only will session in public, fetish events or in a hired play space.
Anyone wishing for me to see them in their hotel must have a record of serving me regularly in person for at least 6 months prior for me to consider coming to a hotel. I can do an exception for the crossdressing service. I allow to meet in the hotel or airbnb for this particular activity however booking has to be made and managed by me and you have to provide the cost upfront together with the deposit. You must also agree with the presence of streaming webcamera to ensure my security.

Are you a transsexual, "shemale" or "just" a transvestite? How many and which plastic surgeries do you have?

Questioning the identity of any trans-person or asking them invasive questions regarding their surgeries is considered extremely offensive. Both things are very personal and intimate. I only share personal information with those who I deem worthy, not with hostile strangers on the internet. The use of the word "Shemale" is extremely offensive to me and anyone using it will be immediately blacklisted. I identify as Male-to-Female Trans. I am not here to answer your questions about trans identity, I am a female dominant and that's all that should matter to you.

Are you going to penetrate me or can I receive oral sex with your "real" penis in our session?

I do not offer any intimate sexual contact or naked body worship (apart from foot worship or clothed body worship). Anal and oral training are usually performed with a strap-on. I am a domme, not an escort. You pay for my time and skills, not for an instant access to my body and its privates. Only cum which you will taste in my sessions will be your own.

If you are lucky enough that I find you attractive I may grant you with an honour to serve me sexually. It may appear in the form of anal sex or receiving an oral sex or rimming from you. This will clearly depends on my mood, attraction to you and decision at the moment, never on your request as an interest.

Can I buy your used stockings, shoes or underwear? ​
Yes - all available in my Shop. CLICK HERE

Can I buy you dinner or presents? ​
Nothing makes me happier than food or gifts! Visit my Spoil me tab for ways to do this. CLICK HERE

What will my session be like or what will it involve?

By filling in the booking form thoroughly I will know your interests, boundaries and any previous experience. Once the deposit has been paid I will be able to create a session which will be enjoyable for the both of us. I will be able to discuss the details with you only after the deposit has been made as I like to take my time to curate very exciting sessions. I operate in a safe, sane and consensual environment. I work with commonly used traffic lights safe word system (green-orange-red) which allows me to safely explore the unknown territories of your mind and body.

Can I touch you mistress?

Where are you located?

I am based near King's Cross in London, UK. I conduct my sessions in various hired play spaces across London but mainly in Islington.
Do you require a deposit?

I always require a deposit of at least 50% of the tribute prior to any session or meeting via PayPal however I prefer and it always pleases me when submissives show their serious interest and genuineness by paying the full amount of the tribute upfront.

I changed my mind about meeting you. Can I get my deposit back?

Deposits are non-refundable. Doesn't matter if you change your mind about meeting me 5 min or 5 days after the deposit is sent. I have already invested my time in you and possibly even started to plan the session. Please, think twice. If you feel that you are not ready to see a mistress, do not book a session.

What is your cancellation policy?
If you suddenly find yourself unable to attend the session, politely approach with a minimum of 12 hours before the scheduled start and we will reschedule. Anything later will result in losing of the session deposit and new a booking will be required. Last minute cancellations will most likely result in the lose of the dungeon hire deposit (It is your responsibility to contact the dungeon and make yourself familiar with their cancellation policy).
What are your rules?

Read carefully my rules in section TRIBUTES & RULES.
How should I prepare before seeing you?
All slaves must practice proper hygiene prior to seeing the mistress which means you will turn up showered and with a clean butthole (douching). If the session require any special preparations it will be discussed and mentioned beforehand. 

How will my first session look like with you?

See above at "What will my session be like or what will it involve?".

Can I be your personal slave?

It is possible to become my personal slave. The journey to get there must be one of extreme devotion and loyalty. The first criteria to becoming my personal slave is that you must have proven yourself through serving me regularly for an extended period of time. During this time I will be able to get to know you, assess your character and you will be able to show your ultimate devotion and loyalty to your mistress without any serious failures or problems. A slave who is able to obtain the privileged position of my personal slave will serve me through tasks and duties making my life easy and comfortable.

"I am not a time-waster, believe me, I am genuine and want to meet you. Can I meet you?"

I am getting similar requests and messages every day. I won't give attention to anybody who is attempting to argue my terms and isn't willing to pay tribute or deposit upfront. If you cannot follow my instructions at the very beginning I will hardly be interested in you serving me in the dungeon or elsewhere at all.




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